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#42947 Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted by pipergale on 03 December 2014 - 04:23 PM

Seconded, Franzy. I don't know what the hell is going on just lately but there has been a lot of death. My grandmother died on the 17th of November. Todd's mother died, and Kelly Rowland's mother has also died. 


If I was Todd, I probably wouldn't want the foolery that the show is bound to air of his mother, to be shown.

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#41334 Big Brother 16 Episode Discussion

Posted by iambre on 07 September 2014 - 07:53 PM

I suddenly wish it was BB11 all over again.


Yasss!!!  BB11 was last great season. It had an amazing cast, ongoing drama and my favorite winner.

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#43669 Empire - FOX

Posted by Kendall on 17 January 2015 - 05:33 PM

So, excited to see a real thread for this. I think I asked about it in another.


As disappointed as I was about how dirty Person of Interest did Taraji, I'm glad they did as this is a very promising show. I was reluctant to watch it at first as I thought it was going to be stereotype galore, but there is a nice balance to the show, that even the worst behavior is very believable behavior.


The only thing I really don't buy is Gabourey Sidibe as his assistant. The music industry and Lucious are way too narrow minded in "a look" for her to really be that prominent in his operation. While it does seem like their relationship is built on something prior to the rise of Empire, that jerk (and I say that with love) would have her hidden away.


Taraji is really the star of this show as she is required to do so much more as the woman trying to catch up, keep pace and beat Lucious, the man she's still in love with. Hopefully, her presence on the show doesn't become a problem for Terence Howard as he's gotten a blown up ego over smaller things than "who's the star of this project?"

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#43648 Empire - FOX

Posted by iambre on 15 January 2015 - 09:01 PM

I'm buying it.


7 Reasons ‘Empire’ is the new ‘Dynasty’
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#43064 Vampire Diaries Spinoff - The Originals

Posted by Jess on 09 December 2014 - 12:57 PM

Hi guys! I just submitted my review. Last night was not a good night haha. Christmas season is, unfortunately, also cold and flu season. I couldn't even finish the fourth chapter in the serial I'm writing on JukePop. If I'd tried writing my review, it probably would have looked like this: "Esther...sniffle...sniffle...Klaus...baby...aww...sniffle...COFFEE TABLE!!!!!!...sniffle."


I wrote that I was confused by the place Reekah wound up in. 'Cause...well, I am. I can buy those girls still being alive (it was the same girls, right?), but how did they get new clothes? Mystical FedEx?

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#43012 Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted by Q Fancy on 06 December 2014 - 12:50 AM

I watch RHOA for one person and one person ONLY and her name is Miss Kenya Moore! That woman is all kinds of messy mess and I love EVERY moment of it, especially when she cries! Kenya's emotional breakdowns are so dramatically unnecessarily ridiculous that the show isn't even comedy without her.


Porsha Who??? Glad they exed her like Cordell did!


NeNe keeps me laughing and I'm glad to see her doing her thing in Vegas. However, I am not pleased to keep seeing her in lingerie! She is simply more flattering in..... Ummmm.... Just something..... ANYTHING but lingerie! PLEASE!


I am so disappointed in Phaedra and Apollo, I really wanted to see them work.  They were such a cute couple, she loved him despite his past like she was supposed to.  So what that he "used to be" a criminal. Heck she "used to be" the "head doctor"! Where Apollo went wrong was by going back to his old criminal ways. I guess he figured by marrying an attorney that he would be safe ( I would have thought so too). But by him being so thirsty for Kenya, he messed up everything with his wife therefore causing him not to receive the proper legal representation. I would have thought Phaedra could have pulled some strings to get him off but I guess not.


Not much to say about Cynthia and Peter other than they're awesome!


Last but not least, my deepest condolences go out to Kandi and Todd for the loss of his mother.  My heart goes out to him especially after how nasty Mama Joyce treated him and his mom.  Mama Joyce should feel like crap and make a conscious effort to make amends and be a mother to both of them.

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#41928 BB16 TGIO Finale Episode and Post-Finale Discussion

Posted by Cybagem on 07 October 2014 - 08:24 PM

Well that didn't take long. So for every bracelet sold $1 will be donated to charity and Zach banks $4. I'm going to be totally judgmental about this because he could at the very least do 50/50.





In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am selling PINK ranceypants/frootloopdingus bracelets! 20% of all proceeds will be donated directly to Breast cancer research. Help the fight against breast cancer and order your bracelets today! Plus, 5 lucky orders (picked at random) will receive a personal shout out from me on twitter!




I am not surprise Zach is being a greedy toad, he was a straight up asshole on Big Brother. As with his popularity, it is discouraging that people won't donate to charities that give more than 20% of the proceedings to the course, but would happily throw their money to him.


People bitch and moan about men being assholes, yet they celebrate brats like the kid above.

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#40172 Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Discussion

Posted by Jess on 27 July 2014 - 01:10 AM

I know there's lots of talk about Caleb being a crazy stalker, but I've never really been afraid for Amber until tonight. I cannot count how many times Caleb has said things like, "Amber needs to be put in her place" or "Amber needs to be reminded who holds all the power here." Caleb's desire to punish her for talking to people outside of him is...disturbing. I couldn't even listen to him and Frankie. I feel so bad for her. This whole wanting to scare her into feeling like she has no one but Caleb is psychological abuse.

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#36748 GoT Season 4 Episode Discussion

Posted by DareDevil on 28 April 2014 - 11:40 PM

Despite is multiple faults, Jaime is a good brother to Tyrion. He sounded so simple in his argument. He can't free a man accused of killing the king because it is treason. But raping your twin sister after a lifelong affair is okay.


Sansa should save her breath, asking Littlefinger questions presents him with opportunities to lie to her. She should observe and take notes of what he does. The inappropriate touching seem to make me more nervous than it did Sansa.


That was a long scenes with Dany's handmaiden and the Unsullied, Grey Worm.  Dany is brutal. She has to be to be respected in that world if she wants to be a leader. She should have stayed in the city in which she freed the slaves.  


It is not like Olenna to brag about her sexual prowess like that. It was ... unbecoming. Margery won't tattle, she was too captured by the tale and its implication of what is being asked of her. Child molester. Thank god she couldn't go through with it. Even with the recast, Tommen is still a kid.


Cercei believes Joffery's death was conspiracy between Tyrion and Sansa? One or the other is guilty. It can't be both just because she hates them. 


Oh Brianne, your faith awaits you in the North. 


Enough with the semi cannibalism. The deserters where hungry but they kept feeding Ghost and kept Hodor why? I thought Summer was going to reunite with Ghost. That would have been fantastic. But they trapped him too.


Do we think the baby is going to turn into a White Walker? The poor thing must be freezing.

Wall Northies, what is going on up there? Craster's daughter-wives just can't catch a break. If any of those slimy raper ex-Crows do anything to Meera, I swear, on the old gods and the new and the drowned and the lord of light...I'll think of a way to finish this sentence with an unpleasant verb!


Parish the thought. Jon Snow is coming for them.

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#36073 Real Housewives of NYC

Posted by Queenie76 on 06 April 2014 - 09:32 AM

Get Amanda off our show!
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#30461 West Wing - Bartlet for America

Posted by Cybagem on 10 September 2013 - 03:35 PM

Forever and ever. Amen!




I am glad Big Brother 15 bombed because it meant I had to look for another distraction from real life over the summer. I settled on West Wing on Netflix. Best decision I've made all year. It is no wonder this show is praised to the nines. Every good word spoken about it is gospel. I LOVE it.


It wasn't without it's flaws, season 7 wasn't as good as seasons 1 through 4 but it was 7 seasons into the show, and the Bartlet Administration was getting ready to give up the West Wing. I didn't want  another administration in the WH but the new administration was needed for longevity.  I missed Sam when he left. Prematurely. I missed his friendship with Josh and Donna. Toby played off him better than Will IMO. He was the most idealistic of Bartlet's boys as I call Toby, Josh and Sam.


Ainsley was God's gift to Republicans. In my heart, she and Sam got married and had little Democrats. Yes, Dems.


My favorite season bar none is season 2. It had so many of my favorite episodes starting with the In the Shadow of Two Gunmen 1 and 2. I won't tell you how many times I've watched part 2. Bartlet winning the primary, Toby recruiting CJ, CJ tripping into the pool, Donna picking up driving cross country to join the campaign because she believed in Jed? Josh finding out he has an assistant Hee! Sam leaving a high powered firm to join the campaign for petty change. Donna telling Josh about his father while CJ and Sam where doing the robot in the background. Bartlet and Leo at the airport. Donna fingering her necklace while flashing back to Josh giving her his ID chain. I could go on. Just beautiful writing, acting and direction.


Some of my favorite episodes are  In this White House, The Portland Trip, Noel, Someone's Going to Emergency, Someone's Going to Jail, 17 People, The War at Home, 18 and Potomac and Two Cathedrals and the whole second half of season 7. The Cold and Transitions being top of the list.


Just watch the whole season and come and talk to me about it :)

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#30012 BB15 Live Feed Discussion

Posted by Jess on 30 August 2013 - 10:48 PM

OT, I know, but I finally got pics of my baby racoons. Hope this link works:




On topic ... poor McCrae is just like a dead man walking.

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#44400 Pretty Little Liars

Posted by Androo on 26 February 2015 - 08:42 PM

Hi I'm just new. I love pretty little liars.

I really enjoyed Bloody Hell.
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#44021 Scandal

Posted by iambre on 06 February 2015 - 12:25 PM

Although, I really need to know who tightened that weave for her. <_< If Ian can barely cook, I doubt that he can whip a hot iron.


I love that we use our suspension of disbelief for every aspect of this show except for Olivia's hair weaves.

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#43890 Scandal

Posted by iambre on 02 February 2015 - 12:52 PM


I was distracted when I was watching, is she married to Jake now?


They are completely destructive together but I prefer her with Fitz.


No, not married. I don't even think Olivia and Jake got to the point of discussing what they are other than a booty call, lol!


If it had to choose between Jake and Fitz, I will always choose Jake for the simple fact that he's single and available. Fitz is unavailable and that alone makes him a no in my book.


However, I agree with Olivia's father. Both Jake and Fitz are not good for her, period.


They both aren't ideal, true.  But at least with Fitz she'd be getting the thrill of her life. Jake is single but emotionally, he doesn't measure up to Fitz.


I'd pick him though, if it were real life lol. Lesser of the two devils and all that but for dramatic purposes and my personal pleasure I'm team Fitz all the way.


I can't be bias on this discussion because I like Scott Foley, always have.


It was never a popular opinion at the time, but I will always and forever be Team Noel because of Scott Foley.


Same with Jake. I don't care that he's the greater evil.


Scott Foley being promoted to a series regular is the reason why I got over my dislike of the show enough to watch.


Props to the person who decided his only scene will be him running around shirtless with nothing on but his boxer briefs. Cheap thrills won me over without shame.


See, I can't be bias.

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#43745 Empire - FOX

Posted by Cybagem on 23 January 2015 - 01:10 PM

I love Jamal.


I want him to take the Empire and kick Hakeem and the oldest brother out the door.


Lucious is such a cold blooded dick. I will hate for Cookie to show any signs of being hanged up on him ever.


The cops better bag that ass.

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#42502 General Hospital - General Discusion

Posted by Kendall on 05 November 2014 - 08:51 PM

Michael did tell Carly off and told her that she was dead to him. I often think about how much more story they could've created from the fact that Michael was supposed to be a Quartermaine, but was forced to be the son of a mobster. They broached it in one scene years ago when Michael couldn't find anyone to be his friend at school because of Sonny.


That alone, would've made for years of compelling storytelling, similar to when Bianca told Erica she hated her and that was the impetus behind her bulimia. There is no way that a little boy wouldn't endure the ramifications of being the supposed kingpin of the East Coast's son. But, that would've required that people see Sonny for what he is and that was never allowed on GH.

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#38389 Weekly Poll: Rank the HGs

Posted by iambre on 27 June 2014 - 11:09 AM

Time to rank again after the 2 night premiere and first night of feeds.


I'm ranking likability and potential for being feeds gold

  1. Amber - Her milkshake brings Caleb to the yard
  2. Brittany - I like her a lot and she seems pretty cool & laid back to be a mama of three
  3. Jocasta - Very laid back and not loud; she fit in nicely with everyone
  4. Cody - He won me over by the thirsty look he gave Brittany and the bitch please look when Caleb was showing off
  5. Caleb - His potential for being feeds gold is limitless at the moment
  6. Donny - Such a nice and unintentionally funnyy guy; not ready for him to leave
  7. Devin - I know hgs don't like him but I'm still willing to give him a chance to simmer down
  8. Paola - She was not nearly as annoying on the feeds last night; the nomination humbled her
  9. Frankie - I respect that he appears to be a gamer
  10. Zach - Still a douche but the pairing with Frankie could be interesting
  11. Victoria - Don't know enough about her yet; she gets points for being pissed off at Frankie for nominating her
  12. Hayden - He didn't stand out after he streaked but at least he tried to be a little entertaining
  13. Christine - She dislikes everyone besides Nicole and is kind of boring
  14. Nicole - She dislikes everyone besides Christine and is kind of boring
  15. Joey - she blew up the girls alliance; never really liked her
  16. Derrick - He knows the game well and will probably be focused on the game 24/7 therefore he will be no fun to watch

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#38325 Big Brother 16 Episode Discussion

Posted by Jess on 26 June 2014 - 09:18 PM

Here's what Julie said:


"This week, Frankie, your two nominees will battle Caleb's two nominees. And, the winning duo will not only be saved from the chopping block, but their victory will dethrone the HOH who nominated them, sending him back into the pool of regular houseguests."

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#36290 Mad Men Finale Season:When God Closes a Door, He Opens a Dress.

Posted by Caffery on 13 April 2014 - 01:47 PM

Roger Sterling - Season 1 Episode 11 "Long Weekend"



Spoof spoilers. Will tag anyway.




Too funny.

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