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So Luke Has a Personality Disorder?

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#1 pafjlh



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Posted 24 February 2015 - 01:23 PM

I know that some of us are sick of the Fluke story, I agree it has gone on way too long.  So, now its come out that Luke has a split personality disorder of some kind, maybe DID.  Now i now many of us groan at the prospect of yet another DID story, haven't daytime soaps done this enough?  We already had this on GH not that long ago with Connie, so why do it with Luke now.


Well, I too am not too please with the idea, but there is one thing that is saving this story and drawing me in .  That is the over all performances of the actors.  So far Tony Geary, Jackie Zimman and Jane Elliot have been selling this story to me.  Since it started to come out that Luke seem to be suffering from some identity disorder these three actors have been knocking their scenes out of the park.  I think this is the key to selling such a story, when it was happening to Connie on GH my reaction was who cares, becasue sorry to say the actress just wasn't selling the torment or the agony that someone would expect in a person with such a disorder but Tony Geary is.  He was amazing last week.


Also, when it comes to Luke this kind of makes sense and isn't necessarily a rewrite.  We know Luke had a bad childhood.  We know that over the years Luke has disappeared with no explanation for months on end.  Yes, this was to fascilitate Tony Geary's vacations from the show but it left holes where the character was concern.  So, who to say that when Luke's more corrupt personality took over he wasn't leaving town at that time, it would explain his long association with Julain.  I know some of us sitll find this story hard to swallow but I will admit that I am being brought into it now mainly due to the actors who have been doing an amazing job in their performances. 

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#2 Kendall



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Posted 01 March 2015 - 11:58 PM

But, do personality disorders reveal themselves this late in life? I read where you have suggested that they are going fill in the blanks of Luke's disappearances with an alter taking over, but what about all of the years where we watched Luke pretty much year round? How are they going to explain that?


Are they really going to go their normal route of "our bad guys aren't really bad guys" and suggest that it wasn't Luke that raped Laura, but Fluke? Ugh. How many different ways can they bungle that horrible storyline?


Also, if he is going to have this disorder, presumably they will try to get him help, so what happens during Tony Geary's next vacation? Relapse?


At least with Viki on OLTL, they were able to really establish that most of her alters originally came out before she was on the show and in her teen years. With as many stressful situations that Luke as been involved in onscreen, there is no way to whitewash him never having an alter take over during one of them.


Fortunately, I've been in and out when GH is on for the past few weeks, so I've missed most of this new disaster.

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#3 ChanellG



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Posted 03 March 2015 - 09:27 AM

Oh, please! After all these years he suddenly has DID and it's just now showing up? Or has all his boozing and disappearing been self-medicating and hiding of his "condition"? Stories like this diminish the reality of what it is to suffer from mental illness. I've been in and out of GH recently as well, and I'm glad I wasn't there for this reveal. How ridiculous! What a contrast too to the Spencer storyline with Shriner's Hospital. 

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