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Fifty Shades of Grey

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Posted 12 April 2015 - 10:03 PM

I've heard about it, read the TVTropes page, watched a musical parody by AVbyte and listened to Gilbert Gottfried read a bit of it in a video. I've even seen the Nostalgia Critic reading it aloud and laughing at it in a scene from one of his reviews. From all I have seen and heard, I am completely disinterested in what seems to be a book about BDSM done wrong. The most I will do for the movie is watch the trailer out of curiosity.

Please don't! I watched the movie because there wasn't any other movie we could watch at the cinema and since the cinema is far from home... Well, we watched it. Ugh, it was such a silly movie... The plot was so irreal and kinda cheesy... The guy is a prick and the girl is so boring and plain...

Not a good film, would never read the book. No freaking way.

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