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Paranormal Books

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#21 Sefarad



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Posted 10 April 2015 - 07:28 AM

I have never read a paranormal series - as far as books - that actually scared me. If you guys were shaken buy any books let me know. I love to be afraid and many films and movies often fail at succeeding in this task lol.

Definately the Nightside series. It was pretty sick and twisted. I didn't sleep well for quiet some time. 

Another pretty creepy series from the YA genre would be the Spook's Apprentice series. There were some uncomfortable scenes that had me wondering where the closest bathroom was.

Hope you like them if you ever check them out. Cheers!


That one sounds delightful!  I have the same problem the other poster has: No paranormal book has ever scared me enough.  At least not as much as when I watch a horror movie ;)  It's be nice to see if a paranormal book can actually scare me as much as a good paranormal flick!  I'll check that one out.

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