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The Big Bang Theory

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#181 Sefarad



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Posted 26 March 2015 - 09:17 AM

Was reading the entertainment news today and they were talking about Raj finally having a relationship on the show, not just a crush but a full committed relationship. Now I am a loyal watcher and I have never felt like he was in a committed relationship with Emily, at the very best they only are starting to seem like a couple. I don't know did I miss something? I think it would be boring if we just had wedding after wedding on that show. It could be a cool story arc if Raj's sister Priya  came back and Leonard felt that his feelings for her had not settled. Would love to see more Sara Gilbert or Laurie Metcalfe but if I recall she is going to be in a new sitcom,  shame I love her as Sheldon's mom.


I know what you mean!  If Raj ever marries a woman in the show... would that mean that Sheldon and Amy would be next?  Because if that happens with Raj, odds are Sheldon and Amy would be next, I think?  It'd be very awkward if everyone else were getting married... everyone but Sheldon and Amy.  That would be a big deal breaker for any relationship, if you ask me. 

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#182 FanGirl



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Posted 29 March 2015 - 10:43 PM

I don't imagine we would see Sheldon and Amy get married in the traditional way, I could see the story traking some crazy twist where Sheldon thinks it is a pretend ceremony and then finds out latter that they are really married. It would be funny if Stuart married them at the comic shop and it turned out he was an ordained minister thru the internet or something.  It seems like a natural transition since eventually Penny and Leonard will have to move in together, I think they could get alot of comic out of Amy and Sheldon living together.


I really would like to see more Stuart, I like him as a charector, he adds something but is understated. I don't know if the synergy is right on this GF and Raj, there's just something that isn't clicking, Bernie was such a natural for Howard, so is Amy for Sheldon. Emily is nice and all but short of the last part of the last episode it just never seemed like a good fit.

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#183 KimberlyD



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Posted 02 April 2015 - 02:47 PM

I haven't been able to watch the show of late as much as I love it, however, I have just come into some disturbing news and was wondering if any of you have heard the same thing.  I have been hearing that they will be canceling the show soon.  Does anyone else know about this or have any other information on this?

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