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International Soap Operas

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#1 Arya Stark

Arya Stark


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 08:32 PM

Any foreign soaps that are not Telenovelas

#2 TvPerson



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Posted 08 December 2014 - 12:45 PM

Thanks so much for the addition, Arya! :D 


To start, I wouldn't mind hearing some fun/interesting/dramatical/intense/etc. types of soap operas that people have seen around the globe! I would recommend some of the following, as they had me on the brink of tears, both in laughter and heartache. I'll list the ones I've seen, free of spoilers. 


My Love From Another Star

Trot Lovers

Two Suns and Moon - The Moon Embracing The Sun

Marry Him, If You Dare


My Love From Another Star - This is about this celebrity that thinks she's all that and has it all. She has money, a great apartment and is on top of her career. All that changes when the show takes a dark turn. She has to depend on this guy, who just so happens to be an alien from another planet, and to help her stay alive to see the re-boot of her career. 


Trot Lovers - It's like MLFAS, but without aliens and the celebrity is a guy this time around. This is a show that tells the tale of two people that lives are parallel from one another, who face hardships left and right. While the celebrity may have it all at first and his career takes a nosedive  the girl has to struggle to keep her sister and father together when things gets all the worse. Then, these two worlds collide and singing trot will be the only way to make things better for either of them. Of course, the road to stardom is never easy or without jealousy.


Two Suns and Moon: The Moon Embracing The Sun - This is more of a historical drama that speaks of love and danger, as well as the possible of fate. It's during the fighting era where royalty was being threaten with treachery amongst it's ranks. A priestess tries to deliver the warning to the rightful ruler, but is killed. However, before she is caught, she foresees a girl (moon) that will determine the fate of the throne and fall in love with one of the two sons (suns). 


Marry Him, If You Dare - This is another modern day drama - I liked it until the end, of course, everyone's taste is different - where the main character is a woman that is in her 30's that wishes for her dream job. She's a hopeless dreamer, who's life is in shambles because she's stuck as a call center personal. This changes when she meets her future self that tries to get her to change her life, as well as who she marries. Well, doing so, this sets a chain of events to occur, all for the better or worse. 


That's all the ones that I've come across! Please give some suggestions, as well as a brief summary of what it's about! Thank you in advance! 

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#3 TVismyfriend



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Posted 26 December 2014 - 08:56 PM

My favorite K drama is Secret Garden ,which is about a cocky, rich guy who falls for a tough, independent, stuntwoman and all the obstacles that get in the way of their love, including a bitchy mother in law and a supernatural body switch.
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#4 TvPerson



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Posted 26 March 2015 - 03:26 PM

I'll have to check that one out, TVismyfriend, thanks! 


Another few I can add to the list that I've watched now are:

You Are All Surrounded


Birth by Beauty 


You Are All Surrounded - Is about this child that was about to enter high school soon when his school nurse mother got murdered, so he went into hiding to escape the criminal. Flashforward 11 years later, he goes by an alias and is training to be a detective to find his mother's killer and bring him to justice.


Pinocchio - Is about this girl that was inspired by her "uncle" to follow her dreams in being a newcaster. Her "uncle" is actually a kid who's life was changed his the girl's mother spread slanderous lies about his firefighting father, making it impossible for his family to live in peace. Eventually, his mother tried to kill him and her in suicide, but he survived and strives to bring about the truth on his family, of course things are never that easy. 


Birth by Beauty - Is about this woman who's extremely beautiful and is living a great life, until this man keeps following her and stalks her to no end to tell her something important. As it turns out, this man is the one that designed her beautiful body and was trying to get her medicine to her because she was suffering under a delusional, as to who she is and that she actually had full body plastic surgery to look that way. It's all light hearted and fun until the woman finds out a dark secret, as to why she got the surgery in the first place.

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